Let's talk about Love. COCOA LOVE

Let’s leave hot chocolate love
For the been-tos and wanna-be-toos.
I just prefer plain old cocoa love:
One hundred percent unrefined.

Here, coconut fronds fan fomenting feelings
As a boy and a girl cackle mindlessly about many nothings
Whilst thinking about dark alleys and silent nights
till she remembers her mother waits and he ogles her departing bum.

Cocoa love doesn’t come cheap.
Yes, you just have to pull off one cloth and voila
but ancient eyes and temperamental parents keep vigil
till your father donates a cow and a portion of his cocoa farm.

It’s amazing how many undos and unties educated folk do
just to reach the same ancient place;
When we just get it out of the way so we can discuss
the children’s school fees and "who killed who in the village today?".

I prefer plain old cocoa love.
Silly games are for cats and dogs.
Courting is for peacocks and sea horses.
Flowers and branches: Those are for goats.

If you have anything to do, "Just do it"!
When was that ever bad advice?


cocoa love for me too, all day everyday
Haha, "Courting is for peacocks and sea horses". Does your woman feel the same?
The Author said…
Believe me, Sir, if I say, Keats, de la Mere, Wordsworth, Blake, Browning, Coleridge and all (sorry I haven't mentioned any African poets) this is one of the best poems I've ever read in my life. Please write more.
Unknown said…
That's a beautiful poem. It flows beautifully. Thanks for sharing. :)
Unknown said…
Beatiful poem. It flows so well. Thanks for sharing!

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