La Pleasure Beach In Deed.

We spent last Sunday afternoon at the beach. While I was busy catching up with friend and former colleague Tsatsu at the far end of the La Beach, my wife and son were at the busier side chilling.
Sonny was busy filling his hair up with sand that was meant for his toy truck.

Wifee was just taking everything in- “Enormous Rotundities” (Bawa’s English for big buttocks; specifically the kind common in Ghana and South Africa) in overstretched bikinis, fufu-induced pot bellies being crunched into 6 packs by middle aged men, weed-inspired musicians wielding cheap guitars, koras and saliva saturated bamboo flutes, sex-starved white women tanning their flat butts and pretending to read, wrinkly caucasian centenarians escorted by eighteen year old ebony sisters, swarms of mellowed yellow-skinned asians who don’t know whether to also tan or go back to work, headed-no-where artists wielding carelessly rolled toilet paper they call paintings, hardworking acrobats who can’t afford decent costumes andhappy families just there to swim or picnic or both.

I can go on and on but let’s leave some filla for later. Just scroll down and see some pictures for yourself.


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