I must confess I owe google, flickr and www.africanews.com so much. After literally living off their services and referring all potential clients to my accounts on these sites, I have finally resolved I can’t really call myself a professional photographer if I don’t invest in a website of my own.
First I toyed with the idea of www.nanakofiacquah.com but I soon realized many people have struggles spelling my last name. Not that I haven’t seen great websites with the wierdest addresses but I figured, for every single prospect who misspells my name, that is business gone to somebody else so I decided to register another domain name and get a site up. I am glad to tell you www.nkaphoto.com is up and kicking. But the question now is, “Yeah you have a website and so what?”
Good question. Let me try and reply “And so… now you don’t need to come to my blog to see my port. Come to my blog to hear what I have to say about Life, Sex, Faith and Photography.
Today I will show you three photographs. One is of my son literally splashing his food on the wall. His mum saw it first and she nearly freaked out but the pho-jo in me just grabbed a camera and started clicking away. The second image is about my wife cleaning the mess up. I still can’t understand why she ruined such a beautiful painting. My son wasn’t too amused with her decision and I won’t be surprised if he in future sues her for destroying so many masterpieces. The Third Photograph is one of me trying to be a reader and a pillow at the same time. While I sweat, see how he rests. Esi my Lalaala, thank you for capturing this sweet image just the way I saw it.
I guess what I really want to tell you is, in 2009 I’m determined to live like a child. “Recession so what? It is too risky so what? I have bills to pay so what? I have a family so what?”
2009 is a clarion call to “FOLLOW YOUR HEART”. Don’t try to be an adult. Live for the moment. Do it because it tickles you not because it is safe. You will never know if your wings really work until you hop out of that nest and let go! LET GO!
Go be a child again. I have already started sucking my thumb as part of the rehearsal. 2009 Here we come! Yipeeeeee!!!!!


Fobsart Graphix said…
HI Kofi i love this idea, it cool,...Kwesi

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