Miss Ghana marries

Miss Ghana marries, originally uploaded by NanaKofiAcquah.


Unknown said…
I just love this. It gives me so many mental pictures at once.

A bride after the wedding ceremony, sitting down, taking a needed break.

A bride during the wedding ceremony secretly taking off her shoes (perhaps during the preaching?)to rest her tired feet.

A bride slipping her feet back into the shoes she'd slipped off while no one was looking...(not even the brides maid) ...or maybe someone was looking but she didn't see or care?

Her feet hurt and it had to come off...for a while... but then again how could she have bent to unbuckle this shoe without being seen? Or is the shoe lock easy to slip off by just moving the feet?

So if she did this while the ceremony is not over then the big question is, how is she going to buckle that shoe up again, without anyone noticing? So it must have been after the ceremony...when all protocol was relaxed...

Only an exceptional photographer can get a mind this worked up.

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