Pearl, Diamond's bride

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The wedding is a testament that is inscribed in the very bossom of LOVE. We marry because we go through life searching for the ONE we can call our LOVE. Sometimes it's a brief encounter that gives us such a rash that immediately, we know we've found LOVE. Other times, it is like a seed; it grows on us so gradually we don't notice when and how we ended up with such a beautiful tree. "We were just friends" Or "Who would have thought I will one day fall in love with..." we say. Once you find LOVE, you know it is not an experience the drifting wind should carry away. No. It's an experience we want to inscribe where waters don't reach. And that is why we photograph weddings. The wedding photograph is an eternal testament to the truth that ONCE, THERE WAS LOVE. Nothing convinces our children and grandchildren that they are the products of Love better than the wedding photograph. Many couples testify to how the wedding photograph served as an anchor that, in stormy times, drew them back to where they first began. That is why I photograph weddings
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