White on Blood

White on Blood, originally uploaded by NanaKofiAcquah.

White on Blood

So the chief of Elmina, Nana Kwamina asked them "Why do you want to build a castle?' They said, " we are merchants, we need a safe place to keep our wares". Nana Kwamina smiled and said, "you are my guests, I will give you land to build your castle." Nana Kwamina went for a stroll one morning and saw the castle, they had built. He smiled in admiration of how intelligent his guests are. He looked around to see if any of his subjects were around to share the beautiful moment with him, then he noticed the village was silent. There was nobody around, except him. Then he heard wailings from a distant. Walings coming from the castle. Wailings that never ceased. Walings that still persist.... hundreds of years after the fact.


The Author said…
OMG, that is a very powerful piece. You're a star.
Kwansema said…
i just have to agree
Wonderful piece you have there
but wonderful
carries so much pain and weight

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