I believe The Face is the gateway to The Soul.

Everyday of our lives should be a Celebration. Truth be told, we often miss the moments that matter most, but we occasionally get lucky and capture a bit of it through the photograph.
These photos, sometimes taken for a client, sometimes taken for a friend, sometimes taken of family, sometimes taken for fun or pain, are all together a celebration of a soul as it experiences the world through the window called LENS.


Anonymous said…
I love these pictures, and I enjoy visiting your site to see what's new. Keep up the good work!
neonblade said…
Some of the most beautiful photography I've seen in a long time!
Toks said…
I like you already, I'm a poet too so the words are just as important as the pictures. But the pictures a beautiful. May time bring you even more wisdom to keep following on down this road called life.
Unknown said…
Hi there

Teddy Dako sent me the link to your website, I have just managed to have a look at it. Very well put together. I really like the comments associated with the shots. Keep up this good creative work/ forum.

Kind regards

Tenee Attoh

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